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Observations & Images
28 May 2006
Post-Nesting: Lamentation

Today was a replay of yesterday's activities. The female, seen here at lower left silhouetted against the dawn sky, appears to be having a hard time accepting her loss while the male Osprey, at upper right, stays close to her.

The female Osprey continues making her loud calls almost without letup. Here she can be seen calling out as she passes by the nest. The atmosphere around the nest is so heavily laden with melancholia it is hard to visit without feeling deep empathy for the female's situation.

Making a circle she comes in for a landing on a perch overlooking the nest.
From here she could look down into the nest while continuing her calling but there was no response from her longtime home.
Neither Osprey, with the brief exception of the male's visit on 26 May, have been observed actually landing on the nest. Note that she is continuing her vocalizations as she lifts off.
The female departs from her perch.
She swings around and heads back for the nest.
She made a slow pass over the nest but did not stop.
She landed in the pines where she could keep an eye on the nearby nest.
The early morning Sun lights up the nest.


The female Pileated Woodpecker lands near the opening to her nest.
The nestlings must hear the adult birds when they land on the tree because they are always at the opening making their little squeaking cries before the adult can get to the cavity. The female has something in her bill which she feeds one of the nestlings.
She continues feeding the nestlings.
The nestlings retreat into the nest just before the female enters. The male Pileated Woodpecker was also observed feeding the young.
The female departs with a fecal sac.
A Red-bellied Woodpecker spent the morning excavating a hole into a dead palm tree near the Pileated Woodpecker nest. The bird has a long way to go if it is intended to be a nest cavity.
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