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Observations & Images
28 March 2009
day 40 of incubation (approximate)

The male Osprey flew in with a branch.
But instead of taking it to the nest he landed atop the snag where he released the branch letting it fall to the ground.
The male begins to shake his head quickly back and forth.
Before long a pellet of indigestible fish parts comes flying out. In contrast, the female Osprey has been observed using a technique that makes her look like a cat coughing up a hairball to bring up the same material.
The male then begins to preen.
The male returns to the nest but the female is not interested in being relieved. Here they watch a curious Osprey fly by that caused both Ospreys to sound some alarms to warn it away.
The male goes off to return shortly with a fish.
The male began digging into the fish long before it passed away.
It was hard not to feel some sympathy for the fish which suffered some terrible wounds before it finally died.
The male made short work of taking the head apart.
It takes a lot of energy and effort to tear the fish apart.
It appeared the male was going to fly the fish to the nest to give to the female....
....but instead he landed atop the snag where he took a nap.
He finally got the fish to the female who immediately flew out of the nest with it. A strong indication that the eggs still have not hatched.
After eating most of the fish she flew to a perch under the nest where, interestingly, she let the fish remains fall out of her talons to the ground.
The female hops over to a different perch where she cleans her beak against a branch.
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