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Observations & Images
28 March 2006
24th day of incubating

My visit with the Ospreys was cut short due to an unexpected event but what was seen was not too encouraging. The female Osprey spent most of the visit alone on the nest. Eventually, the male Osprey appeared. He was not carrying any food for the female nor did he seem to show any interest in her for he headed straight into the pines near the nest. The female observed his approach and began constantly calling to him but he was unmoved by her appeals and remained on his perch.
Eventually, he roused himself and flew out of the pines.
He made a sweeping loop around the nest site. This shot emphasizes his wide wingspan. The wingspan of a typical Osprey may approach six feet.
Completing the circle he lined himself up with the nest.
The female Osprey closely watched his approach.
As soon as he landed, the female, shown here with her wings lifted, got up and flew off the nest. The male settled himself into the nest while the female took a turn perching in the pines nearby.


None of the neighbors came very close today. A Black Vulture settled down briefly at a distance.
A distant view of a Northern Cardinal that spent the afternoon serenading everyone in the area.
The Cardinal flitted around but never came very close.
The Great Horned Owl is still in the nest. Hopefully little Owlets will be seen any day now given the fact the Owls laid their eggs a bit earlier than the Ospreys.
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