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Observations & Images
28 February 2007
day 12 of incubation (approximate)

When we last left the forlorn male Osprey he was attempting to build a new nest but having no luck. Perseverance, though, pays off.
The surprise is that in the last week or so he has accomplished what he could not do in the previous six weeks. A fairly large nest is well underway at the new location. Here he can be seen moving a branch around.
On several flights he was observed bringing not only sticks but also grass and seaweed in to line the nest cup which seems quite secure judging by how he stamped around in it.
Life continues as usual at the nearby nest where everything seems to be going like clockwork. Unlike the often raucous pair of Ospreys observed last year, this pair is marked by their quiet, efficient routine. The male stands guard on a snag overlooking the nest.
Eventually he takes wing and completes a circuit of the area.
He lands in the nest which immediately causes the female to rise.
She flies twice around the area then lands on a nearby limb to preen and enjoy some time off the nest.
Before long she is back on the nest and the male has returned to his favorite snag.
He slips into his usual late afternoon catnap.


The silhouette of an Anhinga passing overhead.
Far off in the distance a Pileated Woodpecker worked throughout the afternoon hollowing out a cavity in a dead pine tree.
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