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Observations & Images
28 April 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 17

The male Osprey flies in with his talons firmly gripping a fish going for the ride of its life. Amazingly, the male caught three fish within a three hour period today. Two of the fish were caught within twenty minutes of each other!
The female Osprey, at left, scrambles to take the fish from the male.
The three nestlings gather to be fed. They are rapidly growing larger making them a little easier to see everyday that goes by.
Three hungry mouths demanding to be fed are enough to keep the male Osprey busy fishing all day.
The female Osprey has to take her share as well which is something the little ones will have to accept.
The male Osprey heads out to go fishing.
The female Osprey often leaves the nestlings alone now while she goes off to collect material for the nest.
The female returns with a branch in her talons. She made numerous flights to collect branches today.
The male returns having caught his second fish.
He brings the second fish in for a landing. The female took this new fish from the male and, once again, fed the nestlings. Within twenty minutes the male was back carrying another fish. The third fish the male kept for himself which he eat while perched in the pines.


The fearless Crow-fighting Northern Mockingbird couple from 23 April are seen everyday now in their well-established territory. Late in the afternoon they were actively running around in the grass searching for insects.
Both birds would flash the underside of their wings to try and startle insects into revealing themselves.
They are a fun pair to watch.
So focused were they on searching for insects that they came quite close before realizing I was there which, though I was motionless as a statue, unnerved the pair enough to cause them to fly into the nearby trees.
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