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Observations & Images
27 May 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 60

The aggressive nestling takes wing for a short flight around the area!

The unexpected but seemingly inevitable waves of heavy rain showers passing through the Refuge caused the camera equipment to be packed away after only the briefest time being out. Here the female, second from left, is about to dole out a fish brought by the male to the nestlings.

With the still camera equipment safely hidden away from the inclement weather, the only thing in hand was a digital video camera which, happily, from underneath an umbrella, recorded the aggressive nestling's first flight.
The aggressive nestling was taking short hops to hover over the nest while the large female nestling closely watched the effort.
The aggressive nestling lands to take a short rest.
Before long he is back in the air.
He flaps around over the nest.
Then he is back down again. His attention seemed taken away by something else which appeared to end the flight exercises.
But then he leapt into the air and clumsily ascended through the tree containing the nest to land on a dead limb at the top.
There was a bit of a struggle to catch his balance.
But then he was safely ensconced far and away above the nest.
After carefully reviewing his situation, studying the nest below, and the scenery around him, he pushed off from the limb.
Beating his wings heavily he flew a loop on the opposite side of the trees which afforded only occasional glimpses of him whenever he passed an opening in the pines.
In much less than a minute he was back in the nest. Afterward, the day heating up with the return of the sun, along with the pile of fish brought by the male, led to a general state of lethargy in the nest that forestalled any more serious athletic effort.
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