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Observations & Images
27 February 2007
day 11 of incubation (approximate)

Yet another darkly overcast sky, this time threatening rain, finds the male Osprey atop a snag clutching the remains of a fish.
He picked at it a bit.
Then he flew the fish into the nest.
The female Osprey, at left, pounced on the fish as soon as he landed.
Taking the fish from the male, the female lifts off the nest. The male settled down to incubate the eggs in her absence.
She landed on a nearby branch where she was mostly obscured by intervening branches and leaves which gave her some privacy from the camera as she ate.
After eating she flew atop a snag where she spent a leisurely hour preening. During this time the sky which continued to darken finally opened up for a short rain shower which sent me scurrying for cover.
As the rain passed so did the clouds which left a blue sky right before sunset. The male could barely keep his eyes open after being relieved in the nest by the female.
He finally gave in to a short nap.
Ever alert he snapped awake in the fading light to send a warning to a passing Osprey to keep its distance.
The female's head can barely be seen amidst the jumble of sticks along the center top of the nest. The male and female switched off three times during the afternoon with the male spending almost as much time in the nest as the female though she was never observed leaving the area like the male when he was off the nest.
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