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Observations & Images
27 April 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 30

The male flares his tail feathers as he brakes for a landing into the nest with a fish.
The male retrieved what was left of the fish when the female finished feeding herself and the nestlings.
While the male ate the female made several flights to collect material for the nest. Note her left wing is once again showing signs of being hit by excrement from one of the nestlings.
The newly arrived branch finds a new home.
A nestling looks on as the female works.
The female returns from a flight to the Indian River Lagoon with seaweed which she packed into the bottom of the nest.
The male lands on his eating perch with a freshly caught fish. Prior to this the fish he came back with was so small it could barely be seen in one of his talons.
The fish head came off in pieces.
With the fish in the nest the female feeds the nestlings; two of which are visible here. The excrement stains on the female's wing can be clearly seen.
A trespassing male Osprey showed great interest in the nest.
Here the trespassing Osprey passes the resident male perched near the nest. The male dropped off the branch and chased the trespasser out of the area. Unfortunately, the chase was visible only in glimpses through breaks in the trees.
The female Osprey returns to the nest after a brief bath in the Lagoon which removed most of the stains from her wing. The male can be seen perched on his favorite snag which overlooks the nest.


A Red-Tailed Hawk soared around the area which created some excitement among the Ospreys but the Hawk left before they became too agitated.
Since the rain on 21 April 2007 a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers have been exploring the grapefruit trees. They are quite adept at flying into the thickest part of the trees. The bird pictured here pounded on a dead branch with such force that the branch broke off with a loud snap to fall heavily onto the ground.
With its partner still in the grapefruit trees, this Pileated Woodpecker---the same as the one pictured above---flew out to the side of a nearby Australian pine tree.
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