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Observations & Images
27 April 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 16

The accumulation of ropes and new sticks is making it harder to get a clear view into the nest. Once again the female Osprey is on the lookout for her mate or for potential trouble---whichever comes first.
This time it is her mate flying in with a fish in his talons.
The male Osprey finds a way to navigate all the obstacles to get to the nest.
After delivering the fish the male goes to a nearby perch to dry off from his plunge into the Indian River Lagoon to catch the fish.
The main occupation of the adult Ospreys now seems to be to deliver a non-stop supply of fish to the ever-hungry nestlings. Here they gather around the female in anticipation of being fed.
The female places a piece of fish in a nestling's bill. The female Osprey did not appear to favor the dominant nestling today but seemed to be giving more food to the smaller siblings.
The largest nestling is definitely becoming a presence in the nest.
The female shades a nestling.
The male Osprey heads out once again after a short rest to hunt for more fish in the Lagoon.


A male Northern Cardinal along with his mate are continuous companions now when watching the Ospreys.
An unexpected visitor to the neighborhood is this female Anhinga.
Surprisingly, she landed nearby.
As graceful and capable swimmers able to spear fish underwater with their bill, Anhingas seem positively unsure of what to do with that long neck while out of the water. They certainly live up to their old name of "Snake Bird."

The female Anhinga was very vocal making a series of low continuous grunting calls.

Crows are now everpresent on the Refuge and it is rare to not see one or hear one around the area.
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