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Observations & Images
26 May 2006
Post-Nesting: Confusion

During a six--hour visit today the Ospreys showed no interest in going to the nest except for the briefest of visits by the male seen here perched in a pine where he spent most of the afternoon.
After a long absence the female Osprey flew in.
She landed on a perch near the nest.
She was completely wet. She might have been attempting to catch fish in the Lagoon or had simply been standing in shallow water as Ospreys have sometimes been observed doing.
She held her wings open to dry. She rested on this perch for about an hour before she flew off.
The male left his perch and flew into the nest.
The male lands in the nest.
The male stayed in the nest for only a few seconds.
The male lifts off from the nest.
He flew in a peculiar manner with his legs hanging down.
With the nest under almost continuous surveillance during the entire visit there was no sign of the nestling nor of anything else moving in the nest save for the breeze blowing the various ropes and pieces of plastic around. The nest gave every indication it was deserted and abandoned.


A Turkey Vulture soars by. An interesting observation made this afternoon at a distance through binoculars concerns an Osprey with open talons buzzing a perched Vulture causing it to fly away. The Osprey flew around and landed on the perch just vacated by the Vulture.
A Magnificent Frigatebird with its scissor-tail open soared overhead at a great height.
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