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Observations & Images
26 March 2007
day 38 of incubation (approximate)

The male Osprey is in the nest incubating the eggs at sunrise. The female Osprey is nearby eating.
After finishing breakfast she used the branch to wipe off her beak and in the process had to recover her balance from almost falling backward off her perch.
She moves over to the top of the dead snag that is a favorite of the pair.
After spending some time preening she stretches a wing and a leg which is usually a prelude to flying.
The male watches quietly from the nest.
The male takes wing as the female prepares to settle back down in the nest. There is no indication yet that the eggs have hatched.
The constant surveillance of the pair leaves them little privacy.
The male gives off loud warning cries to ward off a curious Osprey.
The male returns to the nest after only a brief absence allowing the female to land back on the perch she was seen earlier on while eating. The male and the female changed places in the nest four times during the morning.
The female eventually took wing and tried to break off a branch from a dead tree. The white circle shows her talons about to close around the branch. She was unable to break it off. Earlier in the day she was observed carrying a small piece of bark up to the nest.


Frequent visitors to the nest area are two Crows who always land on the same branch where they can be seen eating something off the surface of the bark.
The Ospreys seem to have to come to accept these two visitors as benign and rarely show any interest in their close presence.
The adult Great Horned Owl looms over the nestling in this backlit shot.
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