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Observations & Images
26 March 2006
22nd day of incubating

Faced with the prospect of possibly missing three days of Osprey watching to attend a conservation conclave, I vowed to try and return early enough at the end of the third day to at least see how the Ospreys are doing even if it would only be a brief look. Arriving at sunset after a long drive across the state, my first view was of the female Osprey safely settled in the nest for the night.
The last rays of the Sun caught the male Osprey perched nearby.

To combat my homesickness for the Ospreys in the refuge, I was pleasantly surprised to find a scene in the large mural painted on the cafeteria wall at the conference site is of Ospreys nesting on a manmade platform. A close look, though, of the Osprey flying in with a branch shows it is missing the distinctive "racing stripe" that runs down an Osprey's head and neck.

An encouraging discovery were the six active Osprey nests---all on manmade platforms---observed on the drive across the state. In each nest an Osprey could be seen positioned low like the refuge Ospreys so presumably these sites are, hopefully, all attending to eggs. At several of the nests both Ospreys were present and quick looks at their behavior matched that of the refuge Ospreys as well.

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