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Observations & Images
25 May 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 58

A quiet day around the nest for everyone except the male Osprey who is a regular fishing machine these days. His contributions are many and frequent.
The female arrived with a large fish which none of the nestlings showed any interest in so she flew off with it to a nearby perch to eat it on her own.
The male brings a large fish of his own to the nest.
This time the fish raises a little squabble over who gets first pickings at it.
The squabble is soon resolved with the male helping to smooth things over by soon showing up with another fish.
The male usually is in the nest only a few seconds; only long enough to drop off the fish before he is on his way.
The male passes overhead.
The large female nestling continues her flight training.
This time, rather than going for altitude, she crosses back and forth across the nest.
The day she actually fledges is eagerly anticipated.
But it will not be today.
She lands in the nest. Only a few test flights were made today lending to the general atmosphere of inactivity that marked the day.
The family, minus the male, in yet another group portrait.
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