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Observations & Images
25 May 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 44

Over the next few days the tragic and terrible realization set in that something happened to the last Osprey nestling between the time I left at dusk on 25 May and returned at noon on 26 May. The nestling has not been seen since....

The female Osprey and the nestling were eating when I arrived. The day was overcast and threatened rain which never happened.

The female feeds the nestling.
Taking a break from eating.
The female moves around in the nest carrying the fish in her talons.
The Osprey continue eating.
The male Osprey was nearby perched on a pine tree.
The nestling appeared to fall asleep after eating.
The male Osprey passed overhead on his way back to the Indian River Lagoon. He has what appear to be sores on one leg. The other leg remained mostly hidden.

The nestling currently looks to be a cross between an Osprey and a Chicken.



A Wood Stork in an overcast sky.
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