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Observations & Images
25 June 2006
North Nest/South Nest

North Nest

Another dawn of rain mixed with sunshine. The north nest Ospreys hunkered down in the trees till the rain passed then flew off over the Indian River Lagoon. The female Osprey is seen here as she headed out.

South Nest

The south nest Ospreys were also enduring the rain. The female Osprey, obscured by branches, perched near the nest.
The nestling opened its wings to dry off as the sun came out.
Making raucous calls the female Osprey flew back into the nest at the sight of the male coming in with a fish.
The male appears above the trees with a fish in his talons.
He lands in the nest.
The male flew out of the nest to a nearby perch as soon as the fish was out of his talons. The female Osprey, at right, kept up her loud calls as the nestling looks on.
In a surprise move, the female Osprey suddenly flew out of the nest with the fish in her talons.
The female Osprey landed on a perch below the nest where the hungry nestling could do little but look dejectedly downward at his mother eating.
The female Osprey ate the entire fish without sharing any of it with the nestling.


Two curious birds came close today while visiting the south Osprey nest. The first was this Carolina Wren.
The Carolina Wren kept up a continuous serenade which could be heard throughout the area long after it left my sight.
I was a bit startled by my next visitor which I discovered sitting on a branch only a few feet from me as I watched two male Northern Cardinals flit around the brush. This juvenile Northern Cardinal seemed very interested in watching what I was doing.
So relaxed was the juvenile Cardinal it went through a short grooming session.
The juvenile hopped away to a further branch before flying off.
Changing shifts at the Red-Bellied Woodpecker nest finds one Woodpecker shooting out of the cavity with the arrival of the other.
The Red-Bellied Woodpecker enters the cavity to take over nesting duties.
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