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Observations & Images
25 February 2007
day 9 of incubation (approximate)

The male Osprey against an overcast sky stands perched with the remnants of a fish in his talons.
The female Osprey can be seen on the other side of the branches in the center of the image where she sits in the nest incubating the eggs.
The male Osprey takes wing. He has finished off the fish.
He soars around the area.
He is noncommittal as he passes overhead.
Circling around he lands in the nest. Note the female Osprey looks up at him from left center.
With the male on the nest the female wastes no time leaving it.
The male settles himself down to care for the eggs in the female's absence.
The female preens on a limb near the nest.
She seemed to enjoy the wind coursing through her feathers during her time off the nest.
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