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Observations & Images
25 April 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 28

A closer look at the male Osprey today. Here he pulls a piece of flesh from a fish while on his eating perch.
The fish head looks like it is on the verge of separating from the body. Removing the bony head first to get at the meaty remainder is the goal when an Osprey begins feeding on a fish.
The male feasts on the fleshy parts of the fish.
The female Osprey periodically made flights to collect nesting material from the surrounding dead trees. Here she returns to the nest with a small branch.
The male takes the fish to the nest.
The female feeds the three nestlings. Observations over the past few days seem to indicate that there is one large nestling which commands the lion's share of food with the other two smaller nestlings getting what they can. Even with this situation no sibling rivalry has been seen which is probably kept in check by the large quantity of fish being delivered to the nest during the day.
The male lands upon his cleaning perch where he rubbed his beak against the branch to clean it.
A close-up of the male's breast shows that his white feathers are splattered with blood from his meal. The bottom parts of his legs were also covered in blood.
The male's beak is still wet from digging into the fish.
It also looks like the feathers along his forehead are stained with blood. Most likely an unavoidable occurrence as he digs into a fish.
After eating and with the male perched over the nest, the female flew off to take a dip in the Indian River Lagoon. She returned soaking wet then undertook a very detailed preening. The bath removed most of the white stain from her wing still visible today from yesterday.
The male returns with a freshly caught fish. Before landing he made a detour to chase off a kettle of Vultures approaching the nest.


Two Indigo Buntings in the branches above the Osprey nest.
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