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Observations & Images
24 May 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 57

The male brings in a fish to the nest. There must have been a school of these little fish nearby for he made frequent deliveries of this type.
The benefactor of this latest fish delivery was the little nestling who has become expert enough to fend off any attempts at stealing away a meal not only by its fellow nestlings but by the female, as well.
The female leaves the nest to soon return with a fish of her own.
The large female nestling tests the air over the nest.
Things must look quite different hovering above the nest.
She descends with her long legs out to catch her fall.
The large nestling's flight was an inspiration to the aggressive nestling who gears up for one of his own.
Before that can happen the male Osprey returns with yet another one of the little fish.
The aggressive nestlings prepares for takeoff.
He rises into the air.
His flight is a little more uncontrolled than the large nestling's.
But the safe landing is picturesque.
There are still episodes of sibling rivalry between the aggressive nestling and the little nestling but these attacks are becoming more and more infrequent with both the male and female bringing enough food to limit competition.
The little nestling meets an attack with a well placed wing to ward off the advance.
The aggressive nestling is effectively blocked.
The two separate with things returning to normal as if nothing happened.
The female returns with a large fish which she had a less then secure grip on. As the fish thrashed around it was able to free itself from the female's grasp and fall away to the ground which must have been a great disappoint to her to lose such a substantial meal.
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