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Observations & Images
24 May 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 43

Today's observations are inconclusive and add little to understanding the Ospreys' current condition. The female was gnawing on a healthy-looking blood red fish spine trying to get any remaining morsels from it while the nestling sat nearby seemingly disinterested. In a four-hour time period the nestling was not observed being given any food though, hopefully, it had already eaten its fill before I arrived.
Done gnawing on the bones, the female Osprey and the nestling stayed together throughout the afternoon.
The nestling walked around the nest several times giving the impression it is healthy.
The female stands guard while the nestling sleeps.
The female returned with this branch after a short flight.
She carried it in her bill looking for the appropriate spot to set it down.
Another short flight saw her returning with a small clump of grass.
After her two flights she settled down in the nest near her remaining offspring.
A male Osprey carrying a large fish made a rapid flight around the nest arousing the female who called out with the piercing tone she uses to greet her mate. The male could not be identified as her mate given the short time he was visible. The male made a wide loop around the nest and quickly flapped his way out of sight back over the Indian River Lagoon. The female was very alert for the last hour until darkness fell looking expectantly in the direction the male disappeared in.
A beautiful but empty sky was all the female Osprey had to look at as night approached. It would be nice to see the male Osprey tomorrow carrying out his duties for the success of the nest.
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