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Observations & Images
23 November 2006
Pre-Nesting Wildlife Encounters

Today's visit to the Refuge was marred by the sound of gunfire from someone illegally hunting out on one of the Impoundments. A sad reminder that the problems that inspired thc creation of the Refuge system over a hundred years ago are still a problem today. Here an Eastern Phoebe near the still empty Osprey nest is safe---for the moment.
The great number of ducks around the Refuge this winter is probably what is attracting the illegal hunting.
Laughing Gull (?)
White Pelican
Great Blue Heron
Great Egret
An American Kestrel unexpectedly goes by giving little time to focus the camera.
The Kestrel lands atop a rather precarious perch.
At least twelve Great Egrets flocked together amidst the mangroves in this view from the Centennial Trail.
A lone Tricolored Heron.
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