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Observations & Images
23 May 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 42

The female Osprey looks out at an overcast day.
The male Osprey has caught a fish. Due to the lighting and his various flight paths throughout the afternoon, a good view of his leg could not be had to follow up on yesterday's concerns that he might have injured it. In this view, though, he appears fine.
He swings around into the pines.
He lands.
Even though his mate and offspring could be heard calling out hungrily to him, the male eat most of the fish before bringing what was left to the nest. Observations as he flew into the nest still show his leg is discolored but the lighting and distance could not add anymore to it than that.
About to land.
Today's disturbing observation is that the nestling had no interest in eating and did not approach the female while she devoured the fish. The appearance of the nestling is similar to the distressed looking nestling of 15 May that eventually passed away shortly afterward.
After eating the female abandoned the nest and perched quite some distance from it.
No sign of the nestling could be seen while the female was gone.


The Otter family swam around briefly then left.
The Otters are always looking for something.
The family gathers before their departure.
A Cuban Brown Anole.
The enigmatic expression of the Southern Toad is made more unfathomable by its mysterious eye.
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