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Observations & Images
23 March 2006
19th day of incubating

A cold front brought a dark, overcast sky threatening rain making it like twilight at three o'clock in the afternoon. The weather conditions were barely workable to take pictures in.

The male Osprey was hunkered down low barely visible in the nest. The female Osprey was on a nearby perch working, once again, frantically through her feathers at whatever vermin have infested her.

Her time sitting on the nest is taking its toll on her appearance. She could probably do with a day off.
She was constantly biting all over.
She kept at it for a long time.
Satisfied for the moment, she flew off on two long loops around the nest then switched places with the male who immediately flew off.


A first for me is this Pileated Woodpecker whose knocking on the distant dead tree could be heard all through the area. Its loud cry is also something to hear and will not be forgotten anytime soon. This is another large bird which is close though not quite as large as the Osprey.
The Pileated Woodpecker flew to another tree, seen here, even farther away. About this time the rain set in causing me to speedily brake all the equipment down to get it safely undercover. Just as I was finishing, I again heard the loud cry of the Woodpecker. Looking up, I saw the bird was in a nearby tree that was well placed for pictures if the camera gear had not been all packed away. It stayed there for a moment than flew off. Hopefully, it will return....
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