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Observations & Images
23 June 2007
Approximate age of fledglings in days: 87

Things start out very slowly and for awhile it looked like the Ospreys had finally moved on save for the little fledgling keeping silent vigil next to the nest for hours. Eventually, it flew off and the nest area was deserted for a good part of the morning. A search will reveal a Red-bellied Woodpecker somewhere in the image keeping the little fledgling company.
The male Osprey arrived with a fish but stayed clear of the now deserted nest. He flew off into the trees where he ate part of the fish.
Eventually the little fledgling returned voicing much excitement.
Landing in the nest....
....there was nothing to do but quietly wait.
Before long the female fledgling arrived being just as vocal as the little fledgling had been.
The female fledgling prepared to land in the nest then, just as things started to look interesting, the camera battery went dead.
Much action was missed while the new battery was hurriedly dug out and installed. Picking up finds the male Osprey leaving while the little fledgling cowers over the leftover fish which the male had deposited in the nest. The female fledgling can be seen below left of the nest.
Leaving the nest with its meal, the little fledgling passed overhead before settling on a perch near the nest where it ate.
Before long the male was back with another fish which this time fell to the female fledgling who was excited to get it. The female fledgling did not stay to eat in the nest, either.
The wet male passes by. How much longer is he going to feel obligated to feed his offspring?


One of a pair of Great Crested Flycatchers that investigating the Osprey nest during its extended vacancy today.
A small flock of Magnificent Frigatebirds soaring slowly in the still air over the Indian River Lagoon. The large birds eventually wheeled their way out over the Atlantic Ocean and out of sight.
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