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Observations & Images
23 February 2007
day 7 of incubation (approximate)

The female Osprey is hard to see behind a pile of branches along the rim of the nest as she sits incubating her eggs.
About every 20 minutes or so she would reposition herself in the nest along with turning the eggs.
As the long afternoon wore on the male Osprey eventually showed up carrying a fish.
He flew the fish straight into the nest.
The female, seen at right, showed no interest in the fish.
She rises off the nest....
....to land atop a nearby snag.
Here she began a long preening regimen.
The male looked a bit mystified by the female's departure which left him holding the fish. Probably because he still had the fish he made no effort to work himself down into the nest to incubate the eggs.

After about fifteen minutes the male abandoned the nest taking the fish with him.

The female reacted immediately to the male's leaving the nest by returning to the disorderly pile they call home.
She settled herself down to begin incubating.
The male soared around the area a couple of times before landing in a nearby tree where he was observed picking at the fish.
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