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Observations & Images
23 April 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 12

The Sun rises behind the Osprey nest heralding another hot, humid day.
Pushing the images for details in the dark nest brings one of the hatchlings into visibility. The female Osprey is at upper right.
Two hatchlings are visible in this image.
Another view of a hatchling. They grow fast and will soon be easily observable. The number of hatchlings is now at three based on observations through a spotting scope by Alice Rowe.
The male Osprey brings a fish back to the nest in the dawn light.


A vocal Great Horned Owl was nearby resting from the night's adventures. The Owl flew off as the Sun rose.
The real drama of the morning was the Mockingbird couple chasing Crows away from what may be the Mockingbirds' nesting area.
The Mockingbirds were relentless in harassing the Crows which more than made up for the Mockingbirds' small size.
The Mockingbird couple team up against a Crow.
At one point the Mockingbirds were taking on three Crows at once as they passed through area.
A Green Heron fishes the water near the Osprey nest.
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