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Observations & Images
22 March 2008
Random Wildlife Encounters

Out in the impoundment along Birds Trail is an area of mangroves that have become a roost for both Black-crowned and Yellow-crowned Night Herons. Here is a selection of images of an adult Yellow-crowned Night Heron perched near the roost.

The long plumes coming off behind the head are a distinctive field mark of the species. The bird eventually decided to take wing to make the short flight to the nearby mangroves containing the roost.

At left, a fluffy looking juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron is visible in the mangroves.
Finally, after years of hoping, a Bobcat at the Refuge finds its way in front of the camera! Finding Bobcat scat along the trails of the Refuge is a common enough occurrence but, actually seeing this resident carnivore is another matter. Usually artful in keeping out of sight, this Bobcat bounded right across Jungle Trail in plain view as Susan Boyd and I were driving slowly along. Happily, the Bobcat stopped and sat down, comfortable with the distance between us which allowed me to get these pictures of it.
After staying in plain sight for what seemed quite a long time, the Bobcat slinked away into the tall grass.
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