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Observations & Images
22 March 2007
day 34 of incubation (approximate)

The downside of shooting pictures in the middle of the day is the horrible lighting from an overhead sun. Obligations also meant today's visit would be short.

The male Osprey looked like he was in some gastric distress. He kept trying to cough up a pellet of indigestible material but could not produce anything.

He took wing giving voice to his aches and pains.
The female Osprey watched her mate's travails calmly from the nest.
Finally passing up the stubborn pellet, the male took a leisurely flight around the nest area.


At times only the adult Great Horned Owl can be seen in the nest. The Owl's large progeny is very capable of hiding itself completely.
The Owl's mate moved to a new perch today though the bird is still very close to the nest. The Great Horned Owl's feather patterns make for excellent camouflage and it took awhile to find the new location.
The owlet finally makes an appearance while the adult keeps a wary eye out.
A side view of the owlet clearly shows the developing beak.
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