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Observations & Images
22 April 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 25

The female Osprey is making it harder to view the inner workings of the nest by building the walls up higher.
She surveys her work.
The male arrives with a fish; he dries his feathers while standing upon his latest catch.
He is impatient to get to his meal and starts picking at the fish before his feathers are dry.
The usual bloody mess ensues.
Calls from the female has him take wing.
He lands in the nest with the fish.
The female feeds herself and the nestlings.
While his family eats, the male lands upon a perch near the nest where he ponders the moment.
Eventually hunger or boredom grips him and before long he is off to soon return with another freshly caught fish.


The elusive Indigo Bunting appears in full view leaving me so surprised I bungled with the camera allowing for only one haphazard picture before the bird disappeared.
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