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Observations & Images
21 March 2007
day 33 of incubation (approximate)

The wrong camera gear and an equipment failure easily fixed if only the proper tools were not at home conspire to make today's images a challenge. At the Osprey nest incubation and loafing go on as usual.
As for Mr. Lonelyheart, the male from last year's nesting season, he continues to work on his nest all the while chattering away to himself with a quiet, forlorn voice.


Three Tricolored Herons were encountered today. The first seemed to be taking it easy for it was seen in the same spot all afternoon.
The tagged American Kestrel continues to stay in what it must consider its territory though the little raptor still will not allow a close view of its tag.
When the Kestrel did come close it was shy about revealing the indignity on its wing. Inquiries are being made about who is responsible for tagging the bird and what the tag means.
Movement in the Great Horned Owl nest revealed the secret that has been hidden there. With the adult could be seen at least one fuzzy owlet.
The Owl's mate continues to spend the day on the exact same branch near the nest. Interestingly, my brief passage past its perch now barely rates an imperious look from this fierce bird of prey.
Large talons make the Great Horned Owl a formidable hunter of a wide variety of prey---including skunks and hares and, of course, if the opportunity presents itself, Osprey young.
The owlet's curiosity is what gave it away. How many times has the nest been visited recently with nothing being seen? The nestling must have been well hidden till today.
The literature states that the nestling will take up to ten weeks before it fledges.
The adult Great Horned Owl in the nest appears very understanding of its rambunctious offspring.
The owlet finally settles down and cozies up to the adult for a nap.
A Great Egret on the move.
Two Tricolored Herons landed together in the mangroves for a short period then both departed together.
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