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Observations & Images
21 March 2006
17th day of incubating

Another hot, windy day like yesterday found the female Osprey stuck in the nest for almost three hours during the afternoon before the male returned.
The day started out sunny but the late afternoon clouded over with a dark, overcast sky. When the male Osprey returned he came carrying material for the nest.
The female got up and moved out of the way as the male Osprey landed in the nest.
The female kept up a long harangue directed at the male. My guess is she was complaining that he had not brought her something to eat, especially given his long absence.
The female flew off headed out over the Lagoon. I thought she might try fishing for herself but a few moments later she reappeared and landed on her eating perch. She looked very disheveled and frantically worked through her feathers with her beak like a dog afflicted with a raging case of fleas.
The male spent a few moments working on the nest. Here he carries a branch.
After moving this palm frond around, he settled down into the nest.
The female Osprey stayed off the nest only briefly. She returned soon enough and is seen here at upper right looking down at her mate. Without fanfare she replaced the male on the nest and he flew off over the Lagoon.


The Turtles enjoyed the sunny early afternoon warmth.
A Snake was observed swimming across the water.
The Snake worked its way to the bank and disappeared in the tall grass. Shortly afterward, another Snake startled me by passing through the grass quite close to the camera setup.
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