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Observations & Images
21 February 2007
day 5 of incubation (approximate)

The action now shifts to the South Nest where the Osprey pair have laid their eggs and have begun incubation. Long distance views of the nest on 17 and 18 February seem to suggest that is when incubation began for both Ospreys were observed being off the nest prior to those dates.
The Osprey in the nest turns the eggs. These are long distance views hence the poor quality of the pictures.
It could not be determined due to the distance and bad lighting which Osprey was which. This could be the male or the female eating a fish near the nest.
Both Ospreys were agitated by the constant presence of Vultures soaring overhead and the brief passage of a Bald Eagle which kept its distance.


Three River Otters were in and around the waters by the North Osprey nest though they seemed a bit lethargic in comparison with the frantic Otter activity observed yesterday, 20 February.
Two of the Otters came out of the water. One stands erect for a view above the grass.
Not much to see.
The second Otter was content to roll around in the grass.
A lone Wood Stork was observed soaring amidst a kettle of Vultures.
A long distance view of a passing American Kestrel shows it has a tag on its wing.
This is the Bald Eagle which passed at quite a distance from the Osprey nest but was close enough to cause the Ospreys much consternation.
A small flock of White Pelicans numbering about ten individuals soared around and around in the warming sky.
Unlike the more egalitarian Wood Stork, the Pelicans disdained the company of the Vultures and kept their soaring to themselves.
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