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Observations & Images
21 April 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 10

A different view of the nest from the male Osprey's favorite side shows him peering at me. The female's head and tail feathers can be seen at right. Today was a brutally hot day that must have really tested the Ospreys' resolve to sit under the blazing Sun all day with no shade.
The male Osprey gives me the eye as he heads out.
He soon returns with a stick for the nest.
The male Osprey was observed at a distance coming out of the Lagoon after just catching a fish in the waters near the nest. The male could be seen struggling with the fish as it writhed in his talons.
The male passes overhead as he brings the fish back. Rather than taking it directly to the nest he flew into the pines with it
While the male was in the pines a curious Osprey trespassed over the nest. At one point it looked like he would actually try to land. Both the resident female and the male in the nearby pines started a chorus of threatening calls that sent the stranger on his way.
The male finally flew the fish to the nest.
The female pulled the fish apart for herself and the nestlings. Once again the hatchlings could be glimpsed occasionally. Soon they should be visible most of the time.


A Grasshopper was about the only one enjoying the heat.
Southern White Butterflies are everywhere around the nest.
This Butterfly and the one above are probing the flowers with their proboscis.
A Green Heron stretches to catch a fish. This bird was highly successful in catching fish during the afternoon.
The Green Heron takes a break from fishing.
The Green Heron just prior to departing for newer hunting grounds.
The new Osprey couple that have moved into the neighborhood have been working on their nest for some time now. The question is how long will it be until they start incubating their eggs?
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