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Observations & Images
20 May 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 39

The female Osprey is mostly obscured at left where she feeds the nestlings(?) while the male stands in the center of the nest. He stayed only a few moments then flew off. Neither nestling was visible during the feeding.
After the feeding, the female Osprey made a short flight to relieve herself.
She looped around into the pines where she used her talons to break off a branch while flying before returning to the nest.
This started another round of nest building. On her second trip she brought back grass.
The third trip saw her carrying more grass.
Same for the fourth. Each flight averaged about two minutes.
Her concentration was broken by a trespassing Osprey which she warned off. One of the nestlings is visible here. Disturbingly, only one nestling was observed throughout the afternoon. The other nestling has not been seen since 18 May where it appeared to be dead or dying.
The male Osprey arrived carrying a fish directly to the nest.
His landing was more of a crash which caused the female, at right, to jump back.
The male flew off once the female had the fish.
He returned within a half hour with another fish.


A pair of Blue Jays stopped by allowing close views.
A front view of one of the Blue Jays.
White Ibis now regularly fly overhead alone or in groups. Note its unique bill that is used to great advantage rooting around in mud and shallow water.
This is one of three that flew by together.
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