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Observations & Images
20 March 2006
16th day of incubating

Another hot, dry, dusty day only relieved by the continuous wind that pushed on the pine tree sending the nest swaying back and forth. The male Osprey was nowhere to be seen the better part of the afternoon but finally showed up with a fish in his talons for the female who had not moved off the nest the whole time.
In what is becoming a routine performance, the female grabbed up the fish. She must be famished to not place the fish in her talons before lifting off. Once the female had left, the male settled in the nest.
Once in the air she had to, once again, transfer the fish to her talons.
My fear when she does this is that she will drop the fish thus losing it in the thick growth around the stand of pines.
So far my fears have proven ungrounded. The female Osprey is quite adept at holding on to her meal.
She followed the usual flight plan by flying a loop to line herself up with her eating perch.
She comes in on final approach to her eating perch. Today something was wrong with this old, familiar spot for she soon took wing with her fish and settled on a nearby tree to eat.


A Great Southern White Butterfly makes its rounds among the early spring flowers.
The Turtles are now often seen out of the water. Like the Ospreys which have definite favorite perches, this Turtle always seems to be on the same spot atop the fallen pine tree.
This Turtle had to make do with what looked like a less comfortable spot.
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