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Observations & Images
20 June 2006
North Nest/South Nest

North Nest

One of the north nest Ospreys was eating when I arrived. I returned from watching the south nest after a few hours to find the female Osprey settling in for the night.
The male Osprey was nearby. Both Ospreys were perched in the trees where they spend the night.

South Nest

The female south nest Osprey and her nestling were eating when I arrived. The male Osprey was not seen during the visit though he must have been there just prior to my arrival to drop the fish off in the nest.
The female fed the nestling unlike on 16 June when the nestling ate on its own.
The female Osprey stayed in the nest for hours.
Something caught the attention of the female Osprey causing her to let out a warning cry.
The nestling immediately disappeared from sight as it hid down in the nest which is the proper defensive reaction for an Osprey nestling. No apparent danger could be discerned but in a nearby tree a Raccoon could be seen lounging about halfway up on a large branch mostly obscured by the foliage.
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