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Observations & Images
20 February 2007
Nest Building

Upon arriving at the Refuge the male Osprey was discovered consuming a large fish. After such a large repast the male usually spends a few hours loafing which is just how he spent most of the afternoon. As sunset neared he became active and began bringing material to the new nest site.
Several runs saw him bring various branches and clumps of seaweed to the tree.
He is building a rather haphazard pile of material which can be seen cascading down from where he is perched. He was not observed working at all on the old nest site.


An American Kestrel hunted the area around the trees.
The Kestrel was later seen to have caught a mouse which it ate high atop one of the trees near the Osprey nest.
A big day of eating at the Refuge as two very enthusiastic River Otters worked the waters near the Osprey nest catching a great many fish.
The fish would valiantly struggle like the one pictured here but, with a few exceptions, the end was always the same.
The Otter technique was to end the struggle as soon as possible by a few violent bites to the head of the fish.
With all resistance gnawed away, the rest of the fish could be eaten at the Otter's leisure.
Note the massive forepaw. The Otters routinely used their forepaws to assist them in eating their catch.
The fish, always well chewed, went down headfirst till finally the tail disappeared into that hungry maw.
Some fish were lucky enough to escape like this one which somehow flipped out of the Otter's mouth and made a clean getaway. The possibility exists this fish might have been recaptured since both Otters continued to feed on fish in the area for quite awhile.
A Red-Bellied Woodpecker investigates a dead tree.
A Wood Stork flying along at sunset.
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