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Observations & Images
1 May 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 34

The male Osprey is preening his feathers atop his favorite snag after delivering a fish to his family.
The female Osprey's attention is drawn to a couple of Red-Bellied Woodpeckers flitting around the dead branches above the nest.
Another hot day sees the nestlings panting for relief.
Unlike the visiting Squirrel seen investigating the bottom of the nest on 28 April, today a possible non-Osprey resident was sighted. Circled in yellow at bottom center is a skink sunning itself on the branch.
An attempt at a close-up reveals what looks like an adult Southeastern Five-lined Skink. Over time the Skink turned around then some unseen disturbance caused it to race into the bottom of the nest. The Osprey residence must certainly be home to a large variety of insects that this Skink helps keep under control if it does live in the maze of branches making up the nest.
The male poses with a freshly caught fish.
The female and two of the nestlings patiently watch the male take his time getting the fish to the nest.
Finally the now decapitated fish is airborne on its way to the hungry nest.
There is some excitement when the fish arrives.
Who gets fed depends on where the fish lands in the nest and who is closest to it when the female starts tearing it apart. Probably the best spot to be for the chance of a meal is where the shadowed head of a nestling can be seen at left since this is the most common spot for the male to leave off fish.
After the female fed herself and the nestlings, the male returned to the nest to collect the leftover fish. Amusingly, he picked up not only the fish but a branch from the nest as well.
The branch seems to have gotten caught between one of his talons and the fish when he picked it up.
The male comes in for a landing with his double load. Moments after landing the branch fell away to the ground.
The male relaxes after eating.
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