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Observations & Images
1 March 2006

The male Osprey returns with a coil of rope with what looks like sea weed clinging to it. My companion for today's visit was Takako Hashimoto, Pelican Island NWR's Refuge Operations Specialist who will soon be departing for a job with another refuge. Takako was of the opinion the male Osprey may have fished the rope out of the Lagoon.
Here the male Osprey is shown placing the new material into the bottom of the nest.
Not to be outdone, the female Osprey made a pass at a tree and succeeded in pulling a branch off as she flew by.
Here the female Osprey is seen returning with the branch she had pulled off the tree.


Five Otters were seen today in the water near the nest. At least three of them are visible here.
Here several of them are seen climbing out of the water into the brush in which they promptly disappeared.
One of the Otters, probably the same one seen almost everyday, spent the rest of the afternoon fishing the water while Takako and I watched. Here he is seen looking at us.
A view of the Otter eating.
Another view of the Otter eating.
The Otter's catch is just visible in its mouth before he snaps his jaws down on it.
A Great Egret fished the same waters near the Otter. Neither one seemed bothered by the other and at times they got quite close to one another.
Trouble looms its head. Here a Great Horned Owl can be seen in the south Osprey nest. The Osprey pair that used to live here have not been seen around the south nest for some time but the Owl pair are frequently seen in and around the nest. It can only be assumed that the Great Horned Owls have succeeded in driving the south Ospreys away from their nest.
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