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Observations & Images
1 July 2007
Approximate age of fledglings in days: 95

Only one fledgling was seen today. It bounced around from one tree to another while keeping up a loud series of cries which went unanswered.
Another storm this past week, this time a tropical wave, has wrought more changes around the nest area.
The nest is clearly beginning to slump with the support branches of the limb poking through making for, apparently, a more stable perch than the nest itself these days.
The sustained high winds and rain of the storm have taken their toll on the nest. It will take a bit of work next season to bring it back to shape assuming it survives the summer.
More shots of the fledgling flying around the area.
Eventually the bird flew off out of sight.


A juvenile Northern Cardinal followed close behind the adult female Cardinal as she explored the old grapefruit trees and invading Brazilian Peppers.
A gang of six Blue Jays made for a raucous morning as they foraged through the trees.
A Magnificent Frigatebird lazily soared over the Refuge heading in the direction of the nearby Atlantic Ocean.
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