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Observations & Images
1 April 2006
28th day of incubating

The male Osprey was very active today. Perhaps the thought of his impending fatherhood is making him take his responsibilities more seriously. He started out by bringing a live fish home to his mate.
The female Osprey, at right, seemed to greatly appreciate not getting leftovers for a change.
She retrieved the fish from the male's talons.
And then she flew away with it.
The poor fish was gasping for air as it took that final ride. Her grip on the fish also includes material from the nest caught up in her talons.
As usual, the female Osprey flew a loop to her eating perch.
Sweeping around she flew up into the pines to eat.
After completing her dinner she returned to the nest where the male Osprey, seen standing at left, actually stayed with her for a few moments rather than immediately flying away as he usually does. The female has already settled back down in the nest.
The male spent a good part of the remainder of the day working on the nest. Here he returns with a small stick.
The female Osprey seems a bit wary of his landing.
He returns to the nest after collecting another stick.
There is a long branch recently brought to the nest that both Ospreys have been attempting to move around for the past few days but never seem to be satisfied with where it ends up.
Having a difficult time moving the branch, the male succeeded in getting it caught on a limb of the pine tree.
As he pulled on the branch, which was going nowhere, he loses his balance and falls over the side of the nest. The female watches him tumble over the side, his wings tips just visible over the top of the nest.
Regaining his composure after the fall, the male Osprey flies to a nearby perch.
Returning to the nest at sunset, the male Osprey relieved the female of nest duty but not before freeing the stuck branch.


The Sun sets over the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge.
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