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Observations & Images
19 June 2007
Approximate age of fledglings in days: 83

One must arrive before dawn to be assured of seeing the entire Osprey family these days for the female Osprey and the female fledgling both usually leave together at sunrise to head out over the Indian River Lagoon and are rarely seen the rest of the day. On the other hand, the little fledgling, shown here, is still keeping to the immediate area around the nest. The incentive to do so is great since the male Osprey is still bringing fish to the nest.
The little fledgling attempts to land but cannot get a good grasp on the branch.
The little fledgling makes a successful landing on a branch underneath the nest.
Something on the ground interests the little fledgling as it waits for its meal.
A trespassing Osprey lands near the nest which makes the little fledgling very vocal in announcing its displeasure at the unwelcome visitor.
The male Osprey, perched nearby, also voices his displeasure at the intruder but is not moved to chase the intruder away.
The little fledgling retreats to the nest.
The little fledgling seems unsure whether to continue being annoyed at the visitor or, rather, if it should try and hide in the nest. Much to the little fledgling's relief the trespassing Osprey flies away.
It is not long before the male arrives with a fish.
The little fledgling is happy to see another free meal.
Rather than stay in the nest, the little fledgling takes the fish to the top of a nearby dead tree.
Here the fish is eaten in peace.


With the action around the Osprey nest winding down, a short walk around the Refuge reveals some of the other wildlife in the area. Here one of a small flock of White Ibis passes overhead.
One of the Ibis turned its head upside down which must have made the view rather interesting as it flew along.
A small grove of oak and palm trees provides a shady and cool respite from the Florida heat. Here a Pileated Woodpecker moved amongst the shadows as it foraged through the trees.
A Red-bellied Woodpecker works the underside of an oak tree limb looking for insects.
A couple of Squirrels lazily climbed through the trees.
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