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Observations & Images
19 June 2006
North Nest/South Nest

North Nest

The north nest female Osprey was observed in the nest in the gathering dusk.
She takes wing.
She weaves around the pines.
At dusk on most days the female can be seen on this branch she is landing on.
The male is perched nearby on a branch of the tree they usually roost in for the night.

South Nest

In three hours of observations which finally ended as the sun went down there was no activity at the south nest. The female Osprey spent the entire time perched on her favorite snag. She did not even take any exercise flights and scarcely ever did she utter any cries though she was very watchful of everything going on.
The nestling was only glimpsed in brief snatches. Not only did it keep out of sight but it was also very quiet today. The male Osprey was not seen at all.


The afternoon was marked by two groups of Ibis flying by. Here can be seen a juvenile Ibis from the first group which passed directly overhead. There were six birds in this mixed group of adults and juveniles.
The second group passed east of me and consisted of three juveniles following an adult Ibis.
Brown Pelicans occasionally fly the short distance back and forth between the Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean.
The male and female Northern Cardinals that live near the south Osprey nest were visible today as they are on most days. The female, seen here, is the bold one of the pair. The male will come close but prefers peering out from a tangle of branches in his shy way.
One of a pair of Mourning Doves seen standing on Jungle Trail.
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