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Observations & Images
19 April 2006
Age of nestling(s) in days: 8

The male Osprey must feed not only himself but his mate and the hatchlings. The past few days he has been an incredible fishing machine resulting in a constant flow of fish to the nest. This afternoon he brought a very lively freshly caught fish back which writhed vainly in his talons.
The female Osprey, standing at right, had an immediate interest in the fish which she promptly took from the male.
Unfortunately, unlike yesterday, none of the hatchlings could be seen during the feeding. As usual, she tore off tiny bits of fish which she passed out to the unseen hatchlings along with tearing off large portions of the fish for herself.
After the female finished feeding and had settled back down in the nest the male Osprey returned from where he had been sitting on his lookout perch and retrieved the leftover portion of fish. He flew into the pines where he ate his fill then returned what was left of the fish to the nest.
The male collected material for the nest.
The male returned after a short absence carrying a portion of another fish.
The female, now standing at left, showed little interest in this new fish and did not attempt to take it from the male.
The female abandoned the nest for a brief looping flight to relieve herself.
The female climbs in altitude to reach the nest.
The male flew off into the pines with the unwanted fish. He eventually brought the fish back to the nest where the female undertook another round of feeding the hatchlings and herself.
The female sits high in the nest which has become quite a pile of sticks, rope, garden hose, and other material.


A White Peacock Butterfly.
An Ibis passes by.
There was a lot of Pileated Woodpecker activity around the nest cavity in the dead palm tree. Most times a Woodpecker could be seen inside the cavity throughout the afternoon. Here one of the Woodpeckers arrows from the cavity toward the pine trees.
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