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Observations & Images
18 March 2007
day 30 of incubation (approximate)

The female Osprey looks like she is trying to cough up a pellet of undigested fish material but nothing was observed coming out.
The male leaves the nest after the female returns.
The male returns to the nest clutching a small piece of wood.
He lands in the nest with the wood. While looking for a place to put the wood the female leaves which spurs the male to settle on the eggs.
One of the perches the female lands on is just below the nest.
She moves to a higher perch for a better view of the area.
She returns to the nest.
The male continues the endless job of keeping up with the nest like every good homeowner should.
After the male is done working he goes off and returns with a fish which he brings right into the nest and gives to the female. Here the female can be seen grasping the fish in her talons. She flew up into the nearby trees where she ate her breakfast.


While waiting for the male to return with the fish, the female Osprey was disturbed by what appears to be a juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk. The Hawk landed on branches just above the nest which set off loud warning cries from the female Osprey but she did not leave the nest.
The Hawk seemed a bit flustered by the aggressive attention but did not immediately leave the area. It landed on four different perches around the nest.
The Hawk makes a short hop to another perch.
The Hawk seemed very curious about the Osprey nest.
The Hawk, probably realizing hanging around the Osprey nest too long could lead to trouble, left the area.
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