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Observations & Images
18 March 2006
14th day of incubating

After a long wait the male Osprey appeared carrying a fish.
The female, as always, is excited to see her mate---especially when he is carrying dinner.
The female Osprey hastily grabbed up the fish and flew off without waiting to grasp it in her talons which is the usual behavior.
In the air she realized her mistake and in a maneuver exhibited by the male Osprey on 16 March the female transferred the fish to her talons while flying.
She makes sure she has a good grasp.
Transfer successful, she flies off to her eating perch.
After devouring the fish, the female spent a lot of time on various perches around the nest grooming herself.


One of the ubiquitous Turkey Vultures soaring by in the eternal search for food.
The Otter made a brief appearance today lazing on his back enjoying the Sun.
The Otter was not the only one enjoying the Sun. Several Turtles came out of the water to warm themselves.
A Tricolored Heron spent all afternoon aggressively fishing the water near the nest.
The bird was not afraid to go deep after its prey.
The Tricolored Heron returns with a small fish.
The Tricolored is pictured with one of the many fish caught during the afternoon.
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