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Observations & Images
18 February 2007

Back at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge as another cold front comes through with high winds. Even the usually casually soaring Turkey Vultures are having a hard time of it as they fight to maintain their balance in the wind. No Osprey activity was observed around the trees today.
A male Osprey fights his way through a stiff headwind as he scans the water along the edge of the mangroves.
Seeing me the male was suddenly curious enough to change his course toward me.
The male intently scrutinized me while hovering overhead.
Looping around to hover again for another look satisfied his interest enough to send him on his way.
A Sharp-Shinned Hawk, or "sharpie" as they are nicknamed, shot up from the bushes. Looking uncomfortable in the high wind, the bird appeared to struggle a bit in getting back down into the bushes a short way off from where it started.
A Yellow-Rumped "Myrtle" Warbler almost hit me when a gust of wind caught the little bird overpowering its flight.
Landing on a fallen tree trunk, the Warbler used its low perch to hunt for ants on the ground below.
Once an ant was targeted the Warbler would jump down, scoop it up, then return to the perch where the ant would be consumed and the process would start all over again.
Wary look or charming pose?
An American Kestrel braces against the wind.
A White Pelican sails along with the wind.
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