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Observations & Images
17 May 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 50

The little nestling and the female Osprey both cry out for more after the breakfast fish is finished.
The male, perched nearby, is not quick to act on the hunger pangs of his family. He is slowly returning to being a constant presence around the nest along with taking his duties as provider and protector a little more seriously.

The large nestling appears to be a female based on the necklace of brown feathers across its breast. The other two nestlings both appear to be males with all white breasts.

The large nestling begins what is becoming a common sight with all three nestlings as it starts to energetically flap its wings.
The lift the nestling is generating is not coming from its wings but from its legs which are vigorously pogoing up and down.
The wings are still not able to carry the body weight.
Most likely, soon, a favorable wind along with its continuing development will send the little Osprey into the air.
The bird hopped all around the edge of the nest during the exercise.
When the large nestling was finally done the aggressive nestling popped up and repeated the performance.
Wings are not only good for flying but they can also be used in defense. Here the little nestling uses its wings to shield itself from an attack by the aggressive sibling.
The aggressive nestling moves to bite the wing. This was one of a series of attacks throughout the day which each occurred when fish were brought to the nest. This is how the aggressive nestling bides its time till it can gain access to the fish after the large nestling is done eating.
The male lifts off after depositing another fish in the nest.
The male perched nearby to dry off. Here he is expressing his disapproval of a trespassing Osprey soaring too near the nest.
The large nestling, at far right, moves off to clean its beak after eating which signals the aggressive nestling's turn who can just be seen receiving food from the female. The little nestling cowers at the left hand side of the picture with its back to the nest.
It was not long before the aggressive nestling was filled up at which point the little nestling moved in to be fed without fear of attack. This same feeding pattern repeats itself throughout the day.
A trespassing Osprey soaring too near the nest momentarily interrupts the meal.
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