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Observations & Images
17 March 2007
day 29 of incubation (approximate)

The Ospreys regroup in the nest after chasing off a Bald Eagle which could not be photographed because most of the action was blocked by intervening trees.
The female takes wing.
She performed the usual regimen of landing on different perches around the nest tree to preen and relax.
The female eventually flew back to the nest.
But her attention was taken by two Crows who landed higher up in the nest tree.
She sprang off the nest and chased the two Crows away.
With the female back in the nest to incubate the eggs, the male set to working on the nest.
He lands with a small branch.
He looks for a spot to put the new branch.
Bored with working on the nest, the male flew off and was back within ten minutes with a small fish which was still very much alive for it struggled valiantly in the raptor's talons to no avail.
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