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Observations & Images
17 June 2007
Approximate age of fledglings in days: 81

The Osprey family was visited by any number of trespassing Ospreys who slowly soared into the nest area on the almost windless air.
The little fledgling assumes a loud, defensive posture as a trespassing Osprey passes the nest.
The trespassing Ospreys would settle in the trees only to be chased off their perches by other Ospreys who would swoop down on them. This game of Osprey tag went on a good part of the morning.
The little fledgling vents its annoyance at the other Ospreys in the area.
The little fledgling in peaceful repose.
The little fledgling made several flights around the area. Most punctuated by cries of hunger while waiting for the male Osprey to bring a fish.
The little fledgling comes in for a landing on the nest.
Waiting for a meal.
The little fledgling is excited by the arrival of the male with a fish. Interestingly, the little fledgling took the fish out of the nest to eat it.
It looked like the little fledgling had a precarious grasp on the fish which seemed about to fall to the ground at any moment but, luckily, the fish made it safely to the perch where the little fledgling ate it.
A trespassing Osprey soars by.
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