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Observations & Images
17 April 2007
Approximate age of nestling(s) in days: 20

A male Pileated Woodpecker crouches fluffed up against the cold wind below right of the nest.
The rapid growth of the nestlings should soon bring them into regular view above the high walls of the nest. Here one of the nestlings can be seen through the branches.
Observations seem to indicate that there are only two nestlings.
The male Osprey flies in with a fish almost as long as he is.
He must have been quite proud of his catch for he looped around the nest several times as if to show it off.
The poor fish was quite alive and kicking as the male flew with it.
The male lands on his eating perch where he faces into the wind with his wings held open to dry them.
Something to be said for this male unlike last year's is that he is very responsive to the calls of his mate. She is usually very patient while the male picks at a new fish but eventually she starts a pleading call which the male generally responds to right away by bringing the food to her.
The male caught his wing in the branch when he landed here. After several attempts to free it failed he flew off to land atop his favorite snag.
After the female and the nestlings gorged themselves on almost the entire large fish, the female worked off a little of her meal by flying by the dead tree next to the nest to break off a branch.
She succeeded in breaking off a branch which she added to the nest.


It took some searching to find the young Great Horned Owl and its parents who had all come down lower into the trees from their high perches yesterday.
A squirrel came up onto the same branch the owls were perched on and began moving toward them. It was obvious that the squirrel was not paying attention to the mortal threat plainly in view ahead of it.
The first owl encountered was the young one which began to hiss at the squirrel. Suddenly realizing the danger it was in the squirrel quickly ran off. Would things have been different if one of the adult owls had been met with first?
The excitement over, the young owl goes back to its studied contemplation of its surroundings.
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